The AAVSO Strategy and Operations Survey Results

Survey Says - The AAVSO Strategy and Operations Survey

by Kevin Paxson

The AAVSO Strategy and Operations Survey has been analyzed and was recently presented to the Officers and Council at the AAVSO Spring Meeting in Big Bear, CA.  The survey ran from April 17 through May 7, 2012 and a total of 375 responses were received.  330 (88%) individuals completed all parts of the survey, while 45 individuals (12%) completed only select parts of the survey.  Abundant comments were submitted, which allowed for specific improvement suggestions to be made.

When looking over the Executive Summary and the “condensed” Executive Summary (download via links below), which was presented to the Officers and Council, please keep in mind that this survey included both AAVSO Members and non-member observers.  The survey itself was general in nature to provide a “snapshot” of the AAVSO from the perspective of the survey participants. The overall numerical survey scores were good (an average of 7.69 out of 10), with some of the lower scored items reflecting poor responder knowledge or familiarity.  In the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats) section, the key listed items are specific and not truly quantitative, but only relative in nature.   Lastly, the Top 10 Problem Areas identified in Executive Summary and the “condensed” Executive Summary were largely based upon the SWOT analysis and provided comments. 

Thank you to all that participated in the AAVSO Strategy and Operations Survey.  It has provided a unique picture on how we view ourselves now and as we move forward into the future.  One last potential survey, now in the planning stage, will survey professional astronomers about the AAVSO, its products, services and activities.

Editor's Note: We published a member demographics survey in April, 2012 which serves as a nice companion to this survey.