ArXiv Preprint: Multiwavelength Campaign of Observations of AE Aqr

Longtime friend of the AAVSO, Dr. Chris Mauche (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), has published a paper about AE Aqr in which he uses data from AAVSO observations. It was submitted for inclusion in the proceedings of the conference "The Golden Age of CVs and Related Objects".

The ArXiv link to the black/white paper is here.

But you can download the color paper directly here.

The abstract:

Multiwavelength Campaign of Observations of AE Aqr

C. W. Mauche, M. Abada-Simon, J.-F. Desmurs, M. J. Dulude, Z. Ioannou, J. D. Neill, A. Price, N. Sidro, W. F. Welsh, the Center for Backyard Astrophysics, the American Association of Variable Star Observers

(Submitted on 4 Nov 2011)

We provide a summary of results, obtained from a multiwavelength (TeV gamma-ray, X-ray, UV, optical, and radio) campaign of observations of AE Aqr conducted in 2005 August 28-September 2, on the nature and correlation of the flux variations in the various wavebands, the white dwarf spin evolution, the properties of the X-ray emission region, and the very low upper limits on the TeV gamma-ray flux.