BSM South

Bright Star Monitor South (BSM S)

Latitude and longitude: 38d 14'41"S 145d 57' 36"E
Elevation: 138m
Site manager: Peter Nelson
Internet access: Limited
Weather statistics: About 35%
Typical good seasons: Summer-Autumn

The Bright Star Monitor Australia Station is owned and operated by Peter Nelson. His web site contains pictures and information about the construction and site.

Type: AstroTech AT-72 refractor
Aperture: 72mm
Focal length: 432
F-ratio: 6
Focuser: 1:10 Crayford 2" dual speed. Focus fixed.
Filter wheel: SBIG CFW-9
Camera: SBIG ST8-XME

Type: Celestron CGEM
pointing accuracy ~15 arc' at present
maximum unguided tracking 60s
restrictions, if any
Computer: Atholone 1150MHz 2G RAM XP Pro
Software: ACP, MaxIm DL, Sky 6, Scheduler
Telecope Advocate:

Typical seeing: 3arc"
Best seeing: 1.8 arc"
Vignetting: ~ 3.5%
Scattered light: See Arne
Image defects:  See Arne

Filters: Astrodon BVRIC
Exposure ratios/filter: See Arne
Pixel count: 1530x1024
Pixel scale: 4.29"/px
Field of view: 109.8'x73.2'
Gain: 2.8
Linearity (graph) To 4.5x10^4 ADU
Full well: 100,000 e-
Cosmetic defects:
Dark current: 0.09 e-/sec/px -15C
Read time: ~3.7s
Shortest exposure: 0.1s
Compressed image size: 1.5MB
QE response (graph) 70% 550nm, 84% 640nm (max)

Typical use of system