Charts and Sequences Update May 2014

The following objects have been given new or revised sequences since January 1, 2014. If you observe any of these objects, please check to see you have the latest versions of the charts and sequences for your targets.

A full listing of new and revised sequences, for this year and going back to 2009, is available here on Google Drive. You can also download this list as .xlasx or .csv below.

Name Constellation Work Performed
MASTER OT J003059.39+301634.3 And New sequence
UX Ant Ant extended sequence
S Aps Aps extended sequence
ASAS J164124-5147.8 Ara extended sequence
AL Aur Aur major revision
CSS 091026:063438+412047 Aur New sequence
MASTER OT J055845.55+391533.4 Aur New sequence
ASASSN-13ah Boo New sequence
QW Boo Boo New sequence
MASTER OT J235247.28+512650.4 Cas New sequence
RX Cas Cas new sequence
V956 Cas Cas New sequence
AO Cen Cen New sequence
SSS 110525:124508-381322 Cen New sequence
V1369 Cen Cen major extension
V409 Cen Cen new sequence
XSS J12270-4859 Cen new sequence
DE Cir Cir new sequence
Master OT J073208.11+064149.5 CMi new sequence
SSS 100511:061754-362655 Col new sequence
GO Com Com new sequence
SN 2014L Com new sequence
R Cru Cru new sequence
SV Crv Crv new sequence
Khi Cyg Cyg created BINO chart
Khi Cyg Cyg add to & update
NSV 12883 Cyg removed dups & potential problems
V1811 Cyg Cyg revised sequence
HD 12524 Dor major revision
RY Dor Dor revised sequence
BO Dra Dra new sequence
SDSS J173047.59+554518.5 Dra new sequence
TCP J03250104-0830582 Eri New sequence
R For For revised sequence
AD Gem Gem New sequence
SDSS J074640.62+173412.8 GEM new sequence
SU Gem Gem major revision
V1052 Her Her new sequence
ASASSN-14ag Hya new sequence
R Hya Hya revised sequence
TCP J09190347-0900518 Hya new sequence
R Lac Lac major revision
CSS 140111:052330-161020 Lep new sequence
RS Lyn Lyn new sequence
SDESS J090221.35+381941.9 Lyx new sequence
HV 942 Men extended sequence
EH Mon Mon new sequence
RY Mon Mon revised sequence
W Mon Mon new sequence
V344 Nor Nor major revision
VV Oct Oct major revision
2MASS J16472973-1525229 Oph new sequence
NSV 21336 Oph new sequence
PNV J17144255-2943481 Oph new sequence
PNV J17292916+0054043 Oph new sequence
PSN J16525760+0223367 Oph new sequence
AV Ori Ori revised sequence
BE Ori Ori added 2 comps
GT Ori Ori major revision
GW Ori Ori revised sequence
PNV J06000985+1426152 Ori new sequence
V0501 Ori Ori added fainter comps
DF Pav Pav new sequence
SW Per Per new sequence
SY Per Per updated sequence
Var Pic 2008 Pic new sequence
BX Pup Pup added two faint comps
1RXS J083842.1-282723 Pyx new sequence
SSS 121013:000340-301804 Scl new sequence
S Sco Sco extended sequence
TCP J17154683-3128303 Sco New sequence
Terz V 3526 Sco new sequence
TW Sco Sco new sequence
M5 V42 Ser new sequence
M5 V84 Ser new sequence
HD 319167 Sgr extended sequence
MACHO 401.48170.2237 Sgr new sequence
MY Sgr Sgr new sequence
Nova Sgr 2014 Sgr new sequence
NSV 10219 Sgr new sequence
RR Sgr Sgr minor revision
RY Sgr Sgr major revision
V0915 Sgr Sgr new sequence
V4728 Sgr Sgr new sequence
V589 Sgr Sgr new sequence
CQ Tau Tau major revision
NR TrA TrA extended sequence
CSS 120422:111127+571239 UMa New sequence
PSN J09554214+6940260 UMa New sequence
RZ UMa UMa revised & updated
SN 2014G UMa new sequence
NSV 18024 Vel new sequence
AA Vir Vir new sequence
QZ Vir Vir small update
SSS 130402:140523-190210 Vir new sequence