Instructions for CHET (Chart Error Tracking Tool)

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the Chart Error Reporting Form. Your information will be used to evaluate, prioritize and make the appropriate corrections to errors found on AAVSO variable star charts.

First Things First
Please access the AAVSO Variable Star Plotter and verify that you are using the most recent version of the chart before reporting an error.

Then, check to see that no one has reported the error already.

How to search for previously reported errors

Under 'previously reported errors' you can type in the full name of the star in question, e.g. SS Cyg, or the abbreviation for any constellation, e.g. Lyr, Cru, UMa. Or you can search the entire database by merely clicking on 'Search' without entering any information in the box provided.

The result of your query will display the Star Name, Constellation, Type of Error, Current Status, Error Report, Chart ID, Chart Scale and Comments sorted alphanumerically by constellation.

Then, please be sure the error you are reporting is an error.

Requests for new sequences where none exist are not errors. We have another process for entering and tracking these requests. Please go here for more information.

For most known variables and suspected variables, first check the International Variable Star Index (VSX):

For additional information regarding other objects in the field, check SIMBAD::

For DSS images of particular fields try Aladin previewer:

Comprehensive information can also be found using Aladin Java:

Please do not rely on information available in commercial star charting software regarding positions, magnitudes and other characteristics of stars or other objects in the field of the chart.

Explanation of Status

  • Submitted - This indicates the error report has been successfully submitted to the database.
  • Reviewed - The error has been reviewed by the chart team and assigned a priority.
  • More Info Needed - Not enough information was given in the report to make an accurate determination of how to proceed.
  • Taken Under Advisement - The error has been reviewed and assigned a lower priority, meaning it will be addressed after more critical errors are fixed, when new information becomes available or as time allows.
  • In Progress - The error has been addressed by the chart team and new or revised charts are due to be released.
  • Resolved - New or revised charts have been issued or no action was required. Resolved errors are highlighted in green in the query results. We will notify you via email when the chart error is resolved.

Submitting new error reports

  • Star Name - Enter the letter or numeric portion of the name of the star as it appears on the top center of the chart.
  • Constellation - Select the constellation portion of the name from the drop down menu provided.
  • Chart Scale - A, B, C, D, E, F, G refers to the standard chart field options. If you are using a custom field size choose "other".
  • Chart ID - Found in the upper right corner of the chart as a combination of numbers and letters. For example, 1234abc. 
  • Report Description- Please enter your comments about the chart error in this section.

Error types

  • 1-Position or ID
    • Report incorrect identification or incorrect coordinates of the "primary variable" on the chart only.
    • Please include information regarding the correct identity, coordinates or Guide Star Catalog numbers if possible.
  • 2-Sequence or Mislabeling Problems
    • Report inconsistent or incomplete sequences.
    • Report known variables or suspected variables with an amplitude greater than 0.05V used as comp stars.
    • Report any other problems specifically related to the comparison star sequence only.
    • Please include information regarding the identity, coordinates or Guide Star Catalog numbers if possible.
    • Please do not include magnitude references to GSC, USNO, UCAC or other non-photometric resources.
  • 3-Cosmetic or Aesthetic Problems
    • Report missing or non-existent stars, galaxies plotted as stars, obvious double stars plotted as single stars, tiny or mis-proportioned star dots, illegible labeling or anything else that makes the chart difficult to use in the field.
    • Please include information regarding the identity, coordinates or Guide Star Catalog numbers if possible.
  • 4-Secondary Variables and NSVs
    • Report problems regarding the identity, position or other information regarding known variables or suspected variables in the field 'other than the primary target' of the charts.
    • Please include information regarding the correct identity, coordinates or Guide Star Catalog numbers if possible.
  • 5-Typos or Other Problems
    • Typographical, labeling or text problems not related to the identity, position or sequence should be noted here. Any problems not covered by the other four categories should go here also. Please include as much information as possible.
  • Uncertain?
    • If you are uncertain about how to classify your error leave the field blank and a type will be assigned by the chart team upon review.

Thank you for using the Chart Error Reporting Form.

If you have questions, comments, or find a problem with these forms, contact the Webmaster.