Citizen Sky epsilon Aurigae Papers

Citizen Sky was designed as a multi-year project focusing on the bright eclipsing variable, epsilon Aurigae. Time was dedicated to observing the eclipse of eps Aur, forming research teams, learning how to do some basic analysis of the data, and learning about writing a research paper. The capstone event of this process is the publication of a special issue of the Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers (JAAVSO) which is focused on papers related to epsilon Aurigae, similar objects and amateur observing techniques of bright stars.

These papers have been accepted for publication in JAAVSO Vol. 40, No. 2 (December 2012).

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More papers will be added here as they become available.

A. Price et al.: "The Origins and Future of the Citizen Sky Project"

R. E. Stencel: "epsilon Aurigae—An Overview of the 2009–2011 Eclipse Campaign Results"

D. Benn: "Algorithms + Observations = VStar"

G. M. Cole: "Polarimetry of epsilon Aurigae, From November 2009 to January 2012"

K. M. Geise et al.: "Eclipse Spectropolarimetry of the epsilon Aurigae System"

S. A. Gorodenski: "Spectroscopic Results from Blue Hills Observatory of the 2009–2011 Eclipse of epsilon Aurigae"

R. E. Griffin and R. E. Stencel: "UV-Blue (CCD) and Historic (Photographic) Spectra of epsilon Aurigae—Summary"

J. L. Hopkins: "The International e Aurigae Campaign 2009 Photometry Report"

T. Karlsson: "V-band Light Curve Analysis of epsilon Aurigae During the 2009–2011 Eclipse"

B. Kloppenborg et al.: "An Analysis of the Long-term Photometric Behavior of epsilon Aur"

B. Kloppenborg et al.: "A Demonstration of Accurate Wide-field V-band Photometry Using a Consumer-grade DSLR Camera"

R. Leadbeater et al.: "High Cadence Measurement of Neutral Sodium and Potassium Absorption During the 2009-2011 Eclipse of epsilon Aurigae"

G. Maravelias et al.: "Report From the epsilon Aurigae Campaign in Greece"

B. Mauclaire et al.: "H-alpha Spectral Monitoring of epsilon Aurigae 2009–2011 Eclipse"

F. J. Mellillo: "Photoelectric Photometry of epsilon Aurigae During the 2009–2011 Eclipse Season"

R. Pieri: "Stellar Photometry With DSLR­: Benchmark of Two Color Correction Techniques Toward Johnson’s VJ and Tycho VT"

R. L. Pearson and R. E. Stencel: "Modeling the Disk in the epsilon Aurigae System: a Brief Review With Proposed Numerical Solutions"

T. P. Rutherford: "Small Telescope Infrared Photometry of the epsilon Aurigae Eclipse"