Dorrit Hoffleit Autobiography: Misfortunes as Blessings in Disguise



The Life of Dorrit Hoffleit


The Story of My Life
Dorrit Hoffleit
Senior Research Astronomer Emeritus
Yale University, and Director Emeritus,
Maria Mitchell Observatory
The life of Dr. Dorrit Hoffleit (March 1907-April 2007)—world-renowned astronomer, expert on variable stars, astrometry, and the history of astronomy—is a story of hardships endured, difficulties surmounted, lessons learned, goals met, and successes attained. She spent a lifetime at work with some of the greatest astronomers of the 20th century, and inspired new generations of young astronomers. The American Association of Variable Star Observers is proud to publish this wonderful book. Hardcover 176 pages + xviii, 18 pages of photos, with references, complete bibliography, and a foreword by AAVSO Director, Janet A. Mattei.
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Table of Contents
Only a girl
Harvard College

Handmaiden for
Celestial Mechanics

Two Honorary Doctor
of Science Degrees

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