Historical Light Curves

Historical light curves provide an interesting study of the long-term behavioral changes exhibited in some stars. The AAVSO is a unique resource for variable star research because it contains millions of variable star observations dating back to before the organization was founded in 1911.

Just click on the "light curve" link to view the historical light curve for the star of your choice. The "more info" link available for some of the stars goes to an article about the star published as part of the Variable Star of the Season series.

Note: If you would like to use one of these light curves in a publication or presentation, please follow the data usage guidelines so that the AAVSO will be credited appropriately.

Chi Cygni light curve  
GK Persei light curve more info
Omicron Ceti light curve more info
R Coronae Borealis light curve more info
R Scuti light curve more info
RS Ophiuchi light curve more info
SS Cygni light curve more info
Z Camelopardalis light curve more info