Holiday shopping helps support the AAVSO

You can help support the AAVSO and get your holiday shopping done quickly and conveniently by simply clicking on this amazon button right now. The AAVSO will receive 5% or more of the price on anything you buy and it doesn't cost you a penny! What could be better, or easier?

The one and only catch is, you have to go to via one of the links provided on our website, like this shopping cart button.

You can buy almost anything on these days - appliances, automotive parts, books, clothing, computers, electronics, groceries, jewelry, music, office supplies, pet supplies, tools, toys, video games - you name it, they've got it.

Another simple way to help raise money for the AAVSO is to ask your family, friends and social media contacts to use the AAVSO amazon link on our website when they do their online shopping. Send a text message out to your family. Compose an email to your close friends. Post a link to this page on your Facebook and Twitter pages. The busiest shopping time of the year is on us now. 

Don't wait, do it today! 

And remember, this arrangement benefits the AAVSO all year round, not just for the holidays. Make it a habit to do all your online shopping all year long via the amazon links on this website. Online shopping is fast, efficient and green. You don't have to drive your car to three different malls to find what you are looking for. You can do it from home in your bathrobe over a cup of coffee. You save time, help save the planet and 5% of your purchase amount is donated to the AAVSO. So click on the image to the left and start shopping!