how the data of observers uploaded to aavso are used in professional publications : credit of the name ?

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Wed, 02/28/2024 - 08:49

Dear all,

I have a sensitive subject to discuss with you

I have sent to aavso since 20 years thousands of measures of variables stars (lightcurves with full period)

I have too, my name in 24 professionnal publications for the observations (data) I sent to professionnals (occultations, phemu, astrometry...) but NEVER a publication which uses my data sent to aavso

author:("coliac") - NASA/ADS (

So I do not understand how our data sent to aavso are used by professionnal astronomers

How my lightcurves sent to aavso are used by professionnal ?

How is it possible that NONE of my numerous lightcurves uploaded to aavso is used by professionnal ?

Why the name of the observer who sends data to aavso is never used in professionnal publications.

I feel that all the time, hundreds of hours of observing and lot of money I spend to upload data to aavso is for... nothing...

Observers upload data to aavso but what do aavso to carry back to observers and credit their observations in professional publications ?

Is it a unilateral relation between aavso and observers ?

I think there is a large improvement from aavso staff to do a feed back to observers

Does other observers are in the same case ?

Please share with me

Best regards