A Binary Model for the Emission Line Star FX Velorum

Mel Blake
Maisey Hunter

Department of Physics and Earth Science, University of North Alabama, One Harrison Plaza, Florence, AL 35630

Received January 22, 2014; revised June 23, 2014, February 26, 2015; accepted May 26, 2015


FX Vel is a southern, young variable star which shows large variations in brightness. In examining the environments where planets may form, disks around young stars provide important clues as to how long such disks might last. We discuss several possible scenarios for the structure of FX Vel, including a binary model similar to EE Cep and the possibility that FX Vel may be a UXor variable, a class of young stars with disks. This could also explain the colors and irregular variation in brightness of the star. We suggest FX Vel may be a blue straggler member of the open cluster ASCC48 based upon its position on the cluster CMD and proper motions. More data is required examine the alternate possibility of FX Vel being a member of Teutsch 101. A spectroscopic study of FX Vel would be valuable.