New variable stars found in SuperWASP public archive

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Sat, 09/03/2011 - 15:31

Dear Gentlemen

I would kindly ask you for some help regarding Super Wasp public archive.
By downloading raw data of one individual night for 93 fields i was able to detect many new short periodic verifiable stars. I used semi automatic method for data mining.
I checked all variables in AAVSO VSX database and found they are not in database, which means there is a big chance they are new ones.
A total of 4798 variables were detected, of that 1938 undiscovered.
On 22 Super WASP North fields I detected 1971 variables, of that 497(roughly 25%) are undiscovered.
On 72 Super WASP South fields I detected 2827 variables, of that 1441(roughly 51%) are undiscovered.
There should be very little false positive (<1%), because I inspected all of them visually.

So far I submitted about 200 discoveries to VSX, but I have no idea when and how I  will report all of them.

If you have will and time to deal with this candidate list, please do. Sadly I have very little time but If some of you wish to submit some variables I would be glad that these don't just sit here in my computer.

Link to  SuperWasp public database is:
Light curves for stars can be found there. When resolving candidates position of stars should be only as much as a fey arc seconds away form Sueprwasp coordinates. 
When submitting you should acknowledge SWASP for the discoveries, but put yourself as a discoverer.

I am attaching list of candidates in excel file.

Hope you have fun with submitting/discovering these variables.

Kind regards

Gregor Srdoc

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