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This forum is for discussion of active AAVSO campaigns in addition to serving as a place for observers to post observations and reports. It is an ideal place to discuss campaigns announced in Special Notices and Alert Notices, in addition to campaigns run by other organizations. You can also announce your own personal campaigns here.

Feel free to also post your own observations and reports from observing sessions. Did you have trouble with a certain field? Is a star doing something abnormal for its behavior? Do you want confirmation of something you saw? This is an ideal forum for those kind of topics.

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Advice For Alert Notice Observations

One of my goals in photometry has been to contribute to time sensitive alert notices. In the past year I have learned a great deal about photometry and have acquired capabilities in accurate LC generation of EP's & EB's, ToM studies, as well as learning how to use VPhot. I also have familiarity with AIJ, MPO Canopus, AIP4Win and other programs. But expertise is a long-way off!

But now I could use some advice on how to proceed to provide accurate observations for alerts such as #758 & #764.

Rather than learn from trial an error could others who have established observation programs share their work flow so that I can get started with accurate data? Or, if this is the incorrect forum, or there is a reference I have missed, please direct me and I will take appropriate action.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience and expertise.