Sun, 06/10/2012 - 09:07

Hi All,

The only database available to SeqPlot seems to be APAS data. In particular there is no Tycho 2 data for any of the 3 fields I checked which in the past certainly did have Tycho 2 data. Can anyone tell me if the system is undergoing maintenance. Cheers,


Seqplot problem

Hi Mark,

In order to load APASS DR6 easily, we decided to rebuild the database.  We were able to import APASS, but not the other catalogs, on Friday.  We'll get the rest loaded early next week.


SeqPlot repairs

Hi Mark,

Arne is out of town right now but we have occasional email contact with him.  We're working on SeqPlot at HQ this morning, and once Sara Beck and I assess what we need to do we'll post an estimate -- we'll aim for close of business Friday if at all possible so that you have it for the weekend.


American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Tycho 2 data restored

Hi Mark,

The Tycho 2 data is now back in Seqplot's database. We are still working on getting the other data sources back in place as soon as we can. I will let you know when that happens with another post.

I hope that helps.