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The most observed star

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The most observed star

What variable start hold the record for having the most visual observatons?


Just wondering,

David (JDAC)

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I would guess the answer is...

the one I submit observations to, the sun!






(ps - if you mean number of time series data points, I'm sure there is another answer)

Matthew Templeton
It depends on your metric....

Hi David,

If you want to know which star in the AAVSO International Database has the most visual observations, it is no contest: SS Cygni, with 313,086 as of mid-afternoon today; R CrB is second with 271,125 and R Sct is third with 164,055. T Crb and Z Cam are nearly tied 114,018 and 113.014 respectively.  If you include instrumental observations, SS Cyg is at the top again with over half a million.

Other ways of measuring that are also interesting.  As an example, the top five stars that have been looked at by the largest number of different people are: R CrB (2908 observers), R Leo (2854), SS Cyg (2546), R Sct (2525), and khi Cyg (2182).  Omi Cet was a close sixth at 2124 different observers.  These are all stars that have been known since the 19th Century or earlier, so the number of observers (and observations) are large.

Clear skies,


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Matthew, Interesting


Interesting stuff.....if your a data geek like me :)




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