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Naming VPHOT AAVSO reports

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Lew Cook
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Naming VPHOT AAVSO reports

As a new user of VPHOT, I'm becoming more active using it, but I am having difficulty keeping up with my reports. If I redefine the comp stars I am using, I will re-do all my previous nights on that star using the new comps. I may sit at the computer and have VPHOT grind thru five or ten nights of my data, sometimes 2 or 3 times  on a particular night until I am satisfied that I've gotten the best data I can wring out. 

I'll get perhaps a dozen reports "AAVSOReport_RU_LUP_I_20151027.txt", "AAVSOReport_RU_LUP_I_20151027(1).txt" ... "AAVSOReport_RU_LUP_I_20151027(11).txt". But which one of these is for JD2457320 and which is for JD2457299? I may have not done them in any particular order other than choose one night of interest and massage it first. Then I could work on the second night of interest and so on until I exhaust the stack.

The next time that VPHOT is worked on (in a routine, non emergency environment) would it be possible to add (perhaps) a front-end-truncated JD? Or maybe let the user add something to the report name?

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VPhot report names

JD of observation makes more sense then the date of submission. I'll add this suggestion to the TODO list.




Lew Cook
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Many thanks, George. In case of several dates, I'd suggest just the first one. And just the last 4 digits of the day would be OK with me, i.e. 7327.

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AAVSO Report File Name Date


The one wrinkle I see in your request is that if you regenerate an AAVSO report with different photometry conditions (e.g., selection of comps), the JD of the original image will not help since it will be the same each time you re-run the images. Am I correct in understanding what you are trying to do? You could edit the file name before saving it on your computer?


Lew Cook
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Naming before downloading

withdrawn by Lew

Lew Cook
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Ken Menzies informs me that in the OPTIONS icon in Firefox that there is a choice to:

"·         Always ask me where to save files: 
If selected, Firefox will ask you to select a folder for every download you wish to save."

You can rename the files there.

Thanks, Ken!!


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