New Login System


The AAVSO login system has officially changed, which will affect your normal login procedure.

Initializing and Logging in to your Account


Account Activation

To relink your AAVSO account within the new login system please follow these steps:

Account Activation

If this doesn't work or it does not appear to have linked properly please contact for further assistance.


Login Procedure

Once you have activated your account, you can now log in to the AAVSO website and applications. The new login procedure is outlined below:


AAVSO Website Login


Profile Changes

Editing your profile has been streamlined and the new procedure is given here:


Updating your Profile


You may notice that there are some fields in your profile that are no longer editable. This is temporary and everything with the exception of email will be added back in the near future.


For Solar Observers

SunEntry has been updated to support the new login change. To use SunEntry you will have to download the new version from the website The new login procedure is described in the document linked below:


Solar Login


For VStar Users

Since certain actions and applications require login, there is a new version of VStar (2.24.0) which should be downloaded. It may require some time after the login system changes for the  updated version to become available so please check the version number carefully before downloading.  More information is given in the document linked below:

VStar login