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New LPV of the Month Article - V CrB

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New LPV of the Month Article - V CrB

Fellow LPV'ers, 

We're bringing back the LPV of the Month Articles back by popular demand. At least I hope we can get the out every month since right now I'm the only one writing them.

Please let me know if you want to join in the fun and write about your favorite LPV. It's a great learning experience and I'm willing to help guide you. 

We're getting towards the end of V CrB's veiwing season, so jump on it while you can. 



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Nice variable. Thanks for this article. yes

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Good idea, can benefit from better timing

I like the "LPV of the month" articles and believe it is a good idea to bring them back. I believe though that it is better to plan them to appear when the star in question is entering its season and not when the season is ending, so the interest and expectation that the article arouses can be satisfied within a reasonable time. V CrB is a beautiful star, but it is almost completely out of season and will not be favorably placed in the sky until at least January (and then only in the early morning). So, keep on but please think about timing next time! smiley

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