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New spots!

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New spots!

I finally saw a new group today at 1530 UT, in the west at about 20 deg. south.  Thin clouds and it was difficult seeing it at times.  Two spots, no SDO group number as they didn't seem to see it in visual light.  Kanzelhohe saw two groups, but I saw only the one.  Maybe a Zurich A.

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Yes - I saw One Group Just Now

I am seeing the same 2-spot group in the southern hemisphere today. Glad to see some activiry again on the surface. The spots were v. small in my little scope, but there at 80x magnification. 

~john (BLAJ/BKL)

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Small group

I observed that small group yesterday (today is cloudy), counted 4 small spot and a couple of pores, it's clearly a bipolar group. On today's SDO images it appear larger. Another small group has appeared on the NE limb.


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