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No longer receiving newsflash alerts

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No longer receiving newsflash alerts


I've noticed that the last MyNewsFlash e-mail I received cam in on 5/22, however I have not seen anything since.  Has something happened to those alerts or are they being discontinued?


-Mike Durkin (DMPA)




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Mine have stopped too, I deleated and re-subscribed but still no emails.

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Mike, my last one came on 23 May at 2:51am (which is 22 May in most other parts of the world. So I guess there is a problem.

Kind regards

Stephen [HSP]

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I'm aware that it's down, and

I'm aware that it's down, and I'm working on getting it back up. Just sit tight and I'll let you know when it's up and running again.

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Ok, MNF is running again.

Ok, MNF is running again. Sorry about that!

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Many thanks Will.


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T/S and MNF

Thanks for getting MNF back Will.

Whilst I'm here (and I know this has been mentioned before), but the one very annoying aspect of MNF is that at the moment time series runs can't be filtered out.  Is there a chance that you might look at this sometime please?

Gary [PYG]

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The May 22nd changes.

Hi Will,


May I just put in a word here? “Web Obs”: Could “Details” be reverted to”Expand” by any chance? I know you've advised me as to how I may circumvent this. But I'd be obliged if you could fix this from your end. Looks as though your clean up of May 22nd left a few causalities in the road, and slightly ageing – systems/operators – put out. We've a saying here; ”if the thing works well, leave it alone”


No offence, I hope.



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