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Thu, 05/30/2019 - 10:20


tonight 30 May 2019 during my monitoring of U Sco, I have seen what seems to be a new star (NOVA?) very close to U Sco, with perhaps as much as 4 to 6, the coordinates that my telescope gives me is AR 16 23 25.8 sgs, Dec -17 32 42 (not confirmed).

Discovery time: 09:46 hrs. 30 05 2019 UT.

Take images and upload them in a few moments.

Can someone confirm this object?


Salvador Aguirre (ASA).

PS: I do not have comparation stars on my U Sco lAAVSO Chart (X24419BDW).

nova (new) close to U SCO?






esta noche 30 mayo 2019 durante mi monitoreo de U Sco, he visto lo que parece ser una Nova muy cerca de U Sco, con mangitud quiza de entre 4 y 6, las coordenadas que me da mi telescopio es  AR 16 23 25.8 sgs , Dec -17 32 42 ( no confirmada).

hora del descubrimiento : 09:46 hrs. 30 05 2019 UT.

tome imagenes y las subire en unos momentos.

alguien puede confirmar este objeto ?


Salvador Aguirre (ASA).

PD: no tengo estrellas de confirmacion en mi carta de U Sco (X24419BDW).

nova ( nueva)  cercana a U SCO?



Royal Astronomical Society of New Zealand, Variable Star Section (RASNZ-VSS)

I saw something too, last night 29th, around mag 7.5 and thought it was a very bright nova. But it was Ceres.

Stephen [HSP]
New Zealand

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Asteroid in Field


You can go to the JPL Solar System Dynamics page to determine if there is an asteroid or comit in your image.  A good idea for something new in a constellation along the ecliptic.  I saw Ceres in my image from last night and the night before.



American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)

Hi Barbara.

I made a mistake and learned something new¡

Thanks for sharing the web link  of the JLP, I did not know it.

I will be more careful in the next.

Best regards

Salvador (ASA)