AAVSO Observer Code
American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Full Name
Salvador Aguirre
Hermosillo, MX
Background/Interesting Fact
Doctor in Medicine and Surgery (Trauma).
General Surgeon Retired

Variable Stars, Meteors showers ( MEMBER OF: North American Meteor Network /NAMN., and American Meteor Society /AMS), Asteroidal Occultations (IOTA), Sun ( AAVSO, White Light and H Alfa), A.L.P.O. ( Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers). SARA (Society of Amateur Radioastronomers).: SID´s (Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance): monitoring project: Collaborator: Stanford Solar Center.( SID´s): SuperSID. :-)

Observer : Eclipses, Double Stars,Comets, Deep Sky, Messier Marathon..

Member of: Astronomical League with now: 18 Programs: Master Observer , Messier Club Honorary , Meteors Watchers Honorary, Herschel 400, Comets-Silver, Asteroids ( regular and Gold), Double Stars, Lunar, Variable Stars, Constellation Hunter Norther Skies ,Binocular Messier , Urban Observing , Globular Cluster Carbon Star, Open Cluster, Planetary Transit.

Member of: Sentinel Network ( Sandia National Laboratories), North American All Sky Camera Network .( Fireball Patrol).

Solar Observer: Member of:
SILSO: (Sunspot Index and Long-term Solar Observations) :A1271.
AAVSO: ASA, Wolf and SID`s.

Comets: member of:
A.L.P O : Comets Section.
COBS: Eslovenia.
German Comet Group: Germany.

I have one asteroid (12789) Salvadoraguirre.

The MINOR PLANET CIRCULARS/MINOR PLANETS AND COMETS are published, on behalf of Division III of the International Astronomical Union.
M.P.C. 74769
2011 MAY 17
Pagina 335
Minor Planet Center, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA 02138, U.S.A.

(12789) Salvadoraguirre = 1995 TX
Discovered 1995 Oct. 14 by C. W. Hergenrother at Kitt Peak.
Salvador Aguirre (b. 1952) is an avid amateur astronomer from Hermosillo,
Mexico. He has conducted many observations of variable stars, asteroid occultations,
meteors and comets. He has also helped popularize and coordinate amateur
astronomical research within Mexico.

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