Nova Sagittarii 2004 - possible nova in Sagittarius


Spectrum by Doug West - March 19, 2004


Spectrum Description: The low-resolution spectrum of possible Nova 04 Sgr was taken by Doug West in Mulvane, KS on 03/19/2004 11:34 UT. The spectrum was extracted from a 45 second exposure. The equipment forming the low-resolution spectrometer consists of a 0.2 m SCT + SBIG ST-9E CCD camera + Rainbow Optics Grating. MIRA and custom software are used to reduce the spectrum. The wavelength accuracy is approximately +/- 21 Angstrom. The signal-to-noise ratio is 25 at the Hydrogen Alpha peak. The spectrum clearly shows Hydrogen Alpha and Beta in emission. This is typical for a nova. Additional information about low resolution spectroscopy can be found in the April 2002 edition of CCD Views.

Image by Doug West - March 17, 2004

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Image Description: This V band CCD image of the field of the possible nova in Sgr was taken by Doug West on 03/17/2004 11:44 UT. The new object is at V=8.38 mag. The image center is 18 19 24.5 -28 35 30 and is rotated with a position angle from north of 346.6 degrees. The image scale is 29'x29'. The equipment used was a 0.2m SCT with a ST-9E CCD camera and a V band filter. The image is a sum of three 30 second exposures through light clouds.