Observed Maxima Timings of RR Lyrae Stars

Observed Maxima Timings of RR Lyrae Stars

Globular Cluster Omega Centauri
Many RR Lyrae stars were discovered in globular clusters where they could be used as standard candles for cosmic distance estimations.

Data related to RR Lyrae Stars will now be published in the JAAVSO.

There is one issue of this publication published by the AAVSO. It contains an introduction, a table of contributing observers, O-C diagrams, and the compiled times of maxima data.

A print copy of this issue is available through our online store.

A Word document version and an ASCII version of this issue may be downloaded free of charge below. The Word version contains all the material in the printed version and the ASCII version has everything except the 0-C diagrams.

Number 1: XZ Cygni 1965 - 2002

Observed Maxima Timings of RR Lyrae Stars
xzcyg.doc - Word version of introduction, table, O-C diagrams, and data
xzcyg.asc - Text version of introduction, table, and data
xzcyg.hlp - Description/help file