Sun, 08/08/2021 - 22:42

Hello CBAT/  all , I wish to report the visual outburst of recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi as follows:

Current Observation Information: (as of time of sending)

Observer: Keith Geary, 1 Annaghieran Lodge, Killann,Shercock, County Cavan, Ireland.
Telephone +353(0)429691618, Mobile +353(0)874133227


Place of observation: Dunbratton County Waterford , Ireland
Date and UT of observation: 08 August 2021 2220UT
Object Confirmed Via: Binoculars/DSLR
Estimated Magnitude: 5.0
Observer Location & latitude: 52 16 35N 

7.3 degrees West
Limiting magnitude (visual - naked eye):  6.0
Seeing (1 to 5 - best to worst): 3
Charts Used: AAVSO chart X20922HZC
Moon up (phase?): no
Instrument: 20x100mm binoculars

Filters used: none
Object: Recurrent Nova
Constellation: ophiuchus 
Contact E-mail Address:

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American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
Alert Notice 752: Rare Outburst of RS Oph

Congratulations to AAVSO observers Alexandre Amorim (AAX), Eddy Muyllaert (MUY), and Keith Geary (GKI) for catching the current outburst of RS Oph all independently and within an hour of each other!

To read more, see Alert Notice #752:

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Even better, get out and observe it!

Clear Skies,

American Association of Variable Star Observers (AAVSO)
RS Oph Outburst

What fun to have a celestial fireworks show!


It appears to be dimming already; I measure it at 5.4 visually in 7 x 50 binoculars -- 8/10/2021 at 03:54 UT with hazy (smoky?) skies.  Let's see if subsequent observations have it dimming rapidly.


Clear skies,


Brad Vietje (VBPA)

Newbury, VT USA