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PC Obs. An Appeal.

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PC Obs. An Appeal.

Whatever one's enthusiasm for contributing lots of estimates after a productive session, out there on the front drive; there remains that small chore of getting the work in. Personally, I've always been grateful that this organiser is at hand to smooth the operation sometime the following day, as soon as time can be set aside.


Somewhat put about now to find my new computer – Windows 8..1, will not support PC Obs. Yet more surprised to learn that the program is now redundant, and, presumably, that most of you people are happy without it. Can it be that the attachment to spreadsheets is so inured? Better adapted to accounting/ book-keeping, I'd have thought.


Time was; PC Obs was even slicker, than now. Then a file could uploaded and presented for approval, in a single operation, About four years ago, we found, extra steps were needed before completion! It still remained the most pain free way of presenting the material.


So, am I alone in lamenting the passing of PC Obs? Or, could this program be reinstated by popular acclaim?


                                                                         Bill Wilson.


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Spreadsheets rule

Hello Bill,

I for one am quite happy with my spreadsheet upload.  In fact I would go as far as saying that it's made my reporting easier and much faster.  Wouldn't be without it!


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CCD reporting

Since all my observing is now CCD I find the spreadsheet way the easiest way. Maxim DL and AIP4Win both turn out a simple file that is easily uploaded! After reducing 200-300 images it would be hard to do it any other way!

Paul Temple


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