Photoelectric Targets and Data Reduction

Spreadsheet for reducing BVI data (Change Log)

Online V band reduction

How to export a WebObs-compatible upload file from PEP_BVI_v3.0.xlsx      .docx version     text version

Spreadsheet for reducing BV extinction data via the Hardie method

Spreadsheet for reducing RI data (Change Log)

List of target, comparison, and check stars for PEP-V observations

Click here to obtain a comma-separated (.csv) list of PEP target, comparison, and check stars.  This file evolves over time.  The current version is as of October 21, 2023. A "Change Log" can be found here.

The format of the lines is as follows:

Field 1: abbreviation of variable star  (eg: ALF SCO, NSV 6687, V368 HER)
         2: modern AAVSO designation
         3: old AAVSO designation
         4-6: variable RA hh,mm,ss
         7-9: variable Dec dd,mm,ss
         10: variable spectral type
         11: variable V magnitude
         12: variable B-V
         13: comparison star ID
         14-16: comparison RA hh,mm,ss
         17-19: comparison Dec dd,mm,ss
         20: comparison V magnitude
         21: comparison B-V
         22: check star ID
         23-25: check  RA hh,mm,ss
         26-28: check Dec dd,mm,ss
         29: check V magnitude
         30: delta (B-V) of variable and comparison

The list is given in order of Right Ascension.  Comparison and check stars are always identified by HR, HD, or SAO numbers.  Variables are occasionally identified this way.  In an ASCII file like this, ambiguity can arise for stars with Bayer designations MU or NU, since these are also Greek letters.  The Greek designations, when intended, are here given as MIU and NIU.  Some stars have synonym abbreviations, and so appear twice in the list.

PEP Test Stars

Over the years, some stars in the AAVSO database proved not to be variable. These "constant" stars are no longer of interest, astrophysically speaking, but they are convenient targets to check the quality of your photometry. Thirteen northern stars are listed below (southern "constants" are harder to come by).  All are in the master list of PEP targets. Since these stars are still in the AAVSO system, you can submit and examine data for them. The greater the B-V difference, the more strongly the calibration of your system will be challenged.

Star* V Comparison V delta(B-V) Check
alf Cas 2.225 HD 5395 4.629 0.212 HD 9927
RU Cas 5.558 HD 6960 5.551 -0.025 HD 5015
RR Ari 5.75 HD 13174 4.989 0.853 HD 13363
NSV 16300 (Ori) 5.695 HD 34658 5.34 -0.626 HD 36134
niu Aur 3.96 HD 38656 4.51 0.182 HD 41357
1 Gem 4.158 HD 38751 4.877 -0.192 HD 43039
NSV 2877 (Aur) 4.338 HD 40588 6.19 0.939 HD 42471
SY UMa 5.28 HD 82328 3.175 -0.392 HD 82621
alf Com 4.318 SAO 82650 5.99 0.064 SAO 82692
NSV 6687 (UMi) 4.275 HD 136726 5.013 0.065 HD 142105
VW Dra 6.319 SAO 17360 6.7 0.494 SAO 17312
NSV 24912 (Aql) 5.118 HD 185018 5.978 -0.33 HD 188310
51 Peg 5.467 HD 218235 6.157 0.215 HD 215510

* These are the PEP designations. NSV 16300 is HD 35299, NSV 2877 is HD 43039, NSV 6877 is HD 127700, NSV 24912 is HD 187691, and niu Aur is the PEP id for η Aur (HD 39003).