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Problems with Sun Entry

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Problems with Sun Entry

Anyone else unable to login to Sun Entry today?  Won't accept my password.

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I was able to get in without

I was able to get in without a problem. Check and make sure your "cap lock" isn't on....

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Still won't work.

Still won't work.

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Hi John,

I have been able to log in too and there is nothing obvious wrong with your account. You are using "cutterboyus" as your username, right?

Are you able to log on to the AAVSO website?

If you would like to troubleshoot further, it might be easiest to email each other directly.

sara (at)


Tadeusz Figiel
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I'm sorry I did not send the

I'm sorry I did not send the report for August, but I had a problem with the program SunEntry. At the moment it's all okay.



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