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Rebecca Turner named new AAVSO Operations Director

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Rebecca Turner named new AAVSO Operations Director

Aaron Price, our current Assistant Director, will be leaving the AAVSO at the end of June to become Manager of Research and Evaluation at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.

We've promoted Rebecca Turner to assume the management duties that Aaron has been performing for the past 2 years.  Rebecca has been with the AAVSO for 17 years, first as a technical assistant, but soon becoming the premier meetings coordinator for the AAVSO.  For the past few years, she has been assuming more of a management role for our various grants, and this promotion is the logical next step in her career.

If you have any question about the AAVSO website, our computer infrastructure, meetings coordination, membership services, grant administration, fundraising or outreach activities, Rebecca will be your first point of contact.

Please join me in applauding the service that Rebecca has already performed for the AAVSO, and in wishing her many years to come!


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Congratulations to Rebecca for her promotion. With greater responsibility comes LOTS more work . Good luck! Clear Skies, Brian D. Warner

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Congratualtions!!! You will do a great job in this new position.


Chris Stephan  SET

Robert Clyde Observatory

Sebring, Florida  USA

A suberb move

Great choice for keeping the AAVSO on an even keel - congratulations Rebecca!

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Congratulations on your promotion!   I'm sure you'll do a great job, as you have since you've been with the AAVSO.  Best wishes in your new post, Rebecca!

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Assitant Director

Congratulations Rebecca.

All the best for your future endevours.

Kim Hay

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Congratulations, and really happy to have you at the AAVSO,

Mario Motta

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Congratulations Rebecca

I am very pleased and excited about the news of Rebecca's promotion.  As we thank you, Rebecca, for your many years of service and dedication, we look forward to the organisation reaping the benefits of your skills and experience in your new role.  Well deserved and well done!!!


Ken Mogul (MQE)

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Rebecca's Promotion

Congratulations and best of luck in the new position!

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 Congratulations, Rebecca! 

We are very pleased to have you in the AAVSO!


Good luck in your new position!



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