Fri, 02/21/2014 - 12:22




Returning to M37, following three weeks of terrible weather, I was almost dismayed to notice

“my star” was fluctuating again! 9.7 – 10.2, in around 2½ min cycles. 58521 had been perfectly well behaved in the latter part of January and early this month. I dislike making controversial observations; especially in the absence of confirmation, or indeed significant interest, and particularly when Arne's done a spot of time lapsed photometry, for my benefit.... “And yet it moves”.


One needs to settle down comfortably; and just stay with it for a while, like a fly-fisher watching a float. Are we, sometimes, in too much of a hurry?


For the history of all this; please go to Forums; Visual Observing; “SAO 58521 Revisited”.