Special Notice subscription message from AAVSO

July 22, 2016

Dear Special Notice recipient,

This message is being sent to all email addresses that are receiving the AAVSO Special Notices BUT ARE NOT LINKED TO AN AAVSO WEB ACCOUNT.

For a number of years the Special Notices were sent using a text list of email addresses that was added to but not regularly edited, so many addresses in it are obsolete.

Currently, a person subscribes (free) to the Special Notices by clicking a box in their user account on the AAVSO website. When we generate the list of email addresses for a Special Notice, we ask our database for everyone who has clicked that box.

To accommodate the old list and the current web-based subscribers, we have been splicing these lists - an inefficient process, to say the least!

***Starting August 10, 2016, the Special Notices will be sent ONLY to those email addresses that are linked to an AAVSO web account.***

What should you do?

If you DO NOT want to receive the Special Notices at the address this email was sent to, do nothing. Starting August 10 you will no longer receive them.

If you DO want to receive the Special Notices at this email address, what you should do depends on whether you already have a free account on the AAVSO website.

A) If you have an AAVSO account and the email address for it is this one, subscribe by logging in, going to "My account" on the homepage, choosing the "Email Settings" tab, clicking the box next to "Special Notices", and clicking Save. You are subscribed and will continue to receive the Special Notices at this address.

B) If you have an AAVSO account with a different email address, you cannot add a second email address. You also cannot create a second account for yourself. Subscribe to the Special Notices by logging in to your account and following the procedure in the preceding paragraph. If for some essential reason you need to receive the Special Notices at more than one address, please contact me at eowaagen@aavso.org.
C) If you do not have an AAVSO account, you need to create one (it only takes a few minutes) and sign up for the Special Notices. To do this:

 - Go to the AAVSO home page (https://www.aavso.org) and click on "User login" in the upper right corner.

 - Click on "Register for the AAVSO". Fill out the registration form (if you want, to save time, fill in only the required fields) and Submit it.

 - You will be told to verify your email address (an email will be sent to you; click the link in that email to verify your address).

 - You will then be shown the Log In screen - log in with the username and password you chose.

 - You are taken to your AAVSO Account page. Choose the "Email Settings" tab, click the box next to "Special Notices", and click Save. You are all set! You will receive the Special Notices (for your information, you don't have to be logged in to receive them).


If you have difficulty in subscribing or setting up your account, or if you have questions, please contact me at eowaagen@aavso.org.

Thank you for subscribing to the AAVSO Special Notices, and thank you for helping us make our operations more efficient.

Good observing!

Elizabeth O. Waagen
Senior Technical Assistant (Science Operations)



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