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SU UMA in outburst

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SU UMA in outburst

It looks like SU UMA is having a bright outburst (a super-outburst?). It's low on the horizon, so there aren't a lot of observations.

500 days-light curve

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SU UMa Outburst

Indeed, 0803+62 SU UMa in undergoing a supermaximum, as indicated in my report posted on the Yahoo Group  CVNET-OUTBURST page last evening. There I reported SU  as at magnitude 11.5 , in addition to my having also noted it the previous evening at 12.2 .

As BBI points out, observations of the star are currently very meger with SU being best observed just before dawn just coming out of its period of poorly coverage during its conjunction gap. In fact, this star really should be at least marginally covered all during its solar conjunction interval because of its northerly declination, but it apparently is not.

J.Bortle   (BRJ)

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