Suggestions for an excellent program

Mon, 12/17/2012 - 19:15

I've been using VPhot for some time now and have a few minor suggestions and one request for an enhancement:

1) Have the option of an outomatic refresh when returning to the images screen. I almost always click the refresh button anyway.

2) On the images screen use some color other than yellow in the "Rep" field. Perhaps blue. Yellow on white background can be difficult to see

3) If there is a Sequence name that exactly matches the target name, pre select that Sequence name. Most of my Sequence names match my targets and this would speed things up a bit

4) Devise a way to select multiple pairs for Transformation. Perhaps using pairs of numbers or letters to designate the pairs

And i believe this has been brought up before: Implement an HJD option.

Great program! Thanks.