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Sunspot AR 2192

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Sunspot AR 2192

As solar observers are no doubt aware, a very large sunspot (AR2192) has rotated towards Earth.  It's already produced an X1-class flare and is poised to produce another.  If you have a solar filter handy, it's really worth your time to check out this monster (125,000 km wide)!  It's also visible to the unaided eye using a 14 shade welders glass.  I haven't seen a sunspot this size in quite a long time, and it is breathtaking through solar scopes!  If you have any questions on how to safely observe the Sun, please contact the Solar Section of the AAVSO.


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giant sunspot ¡¡¡¡ : 2014 10 21 UT.

Hi all..


my report, the sun (Video and photos) : 2014 10 21 UT


White Light  :-)



Solar Data Analysis Center (SIDC) and Space Weather :







Salvador Aguirre

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Giant Sunspot!!


Thanks so much for the wonderful videos of AR2192.  Very nice!


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