3C 66A

Special Notice #194: Request for monitoring of the blazar 3C 66A

February 9, 2010: The blazar 3C 66A has been steadily brightening in the optical for the past few hundred days, and is now at or near the bright limits of the AAVSO records for this object. The most recent observations put 3C 66A near V=13.9: m(vis)=13.8, JD 2455234.361 (2010 Feb 06.861; G. Poyner, Birmingham, England); m(V)=13.88, JD 2455235.566 (Feb 08.066; R. Campbell, Largo, Florida, USA); m(V)=13.90, JD 2455235.740 (Feb 08.240; R. Campbell).

Alert Notice 411: Request for observations of the blazar 3C 66A

October 31, 2009: Further to AAVSO Alert Notice 353 (aavso-alert-notice-353) (July 11, 2007), Dr. Markus Boettcher (Ohio University) requests optical observations of the blazar 3C 66A during its current high state. Optical observations will support gamma-ray observations by the VERITAS telescope in Arizona. All observations, including visual estimates and CCD photometry are encouraged.