SN 2008hy

Alert Notice 392: Supernova 2008hy in IC 334

December 8, 2008: Further to CBETs No. 1608 (Puckett and Langoussis; Daniel W. E. Green, editor) and No. 1610 (Dennefeld et al., and Yamanaka et al.) the supernova SN 2008hy has been identified as a Type Ia supernova, and is believed to be near maximum light (V=14.3 on 2008 Dec 07.13, JD 2454807.63; T. Orff, reported by Puckett and Langoussis).  The object is located approximately 100 arcseconds NNE of the center of IC 334.

Independently obtained spectroscopy of the supernova by Dennefeld et al.