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TCP J04432130+4721280 = V392 Per nova eruption (6.2 mag)?

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Seems holding steady

I don't know about rebrightening, but for my eye V392 Per has been holding rather steady for the past 6 nights.  Tonight I estimated 8.6 mag.

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Wasn't able to view yesterday, but seemed to plummet since two days ago, from 8.6 to 9.3.  Maybe I did witness a rebrightening then.

Ivan Bryukhanov
Visual Observation V392 Per - Belarus and Uzbekistan

Hi all,

V392 Per

06/05/2018 21:16 UT, "Doble Visual BINOCULAR": monocular 20*45: 8.8m (limit=+9.0m) + Refractor 60/600, 30*: 9.03m (limit=+9.3m); z=~80o;

 07/05/2018 21:56 UT, "Double Visual BINOCULAR": monocular 20*45: 8.90m (limit=+9.0m) + Refractor 60/600, 30*: 8.78m (limit=+9.15m); z=~83o, MINSK, BELARUS.

V 392 Per 07.05.2018, 16.13UT/8,8, 9,0/ lim 9,3/z 75/ZT 10х30, Tatiana Donchenko, Tashkent, Uzbekistan. 

 10/05/2018 21:26 UT, "Double Visual BINOCULAR": monocular 20*45: No Star (limit=+8.9m) + Refractor 60/600, 30*: 9.4-9.5m (limit=+9.65m); z=~83o, Minsk, BELARUS.

the End /

Ivan S. Bryukhanov (BISA), Minsk, Belarus.



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