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uncalibrated fit files

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uncalibrated fit files

Hello Community,

After I uploaded my fit files I checked on "images". The calibration column says that I have not done the Flats calibration.

I reduced my frames using pyraf/epar ccdproc and epar ---combine. I do not understand what I may be doing wrong.

I have attached a pic of one of the headers where it says that the images are calibrated.

I would appreciate some light on this issue.

Pam Lara


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uncalibrated fit files

Hi Pam,

I am not specialist in fits-headers but just to show you the last lines of the header of my calibrated frames. There is a CALSTAT line with BDF value.



File upload: 
Thank you very much!!

Thank you very much!!

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uncalibrated fit files

The keyword and value that Velimir posted (CALSTAT = BDF), if added to your header, should give the  Calibration green box.  That said, I don't think having a green Cal box is necessary for VPhot to function normally with your images. 


That is even better. Thank

That is even better. Thank you much!!

Ed Wiley_WEY
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uncalibrated fit files

Phil is correct. None of my calibrated images show up in VPhot as calibrated because neither AIP4WIN nor CCD Stack put CALSTAT into the FITS header. It doesn't matter if you are sure your images are calibrated. Editing each FITS header is a pain, so I don't bother. Naturally I make sure that my images are, in fact, calibrated.


calibrated FITs

Maxim does the calibration for me and adds the CALSTAT = BDF.


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