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Monitoring for V1280 Sco = N Sco 2007

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Monitoring for V1280 Sco = N Sco 2007

AAVSO Alert Notice 634 announces an observing campaign on V1280 Sco (N Sco 2007). Please see the notice for details and observing instructions.

Many thanks, and Good observing,

Elizabeth O. Waagen, AAVSO HQ

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V1280 Scorpii rapidly fading on 14–15 September 2018

V1280 Scorpii = Nova Scorpii 2007 No. 1 (NB)

After a rapid brightening had occurred in April 2018, the nova faded rapidly on 14–15 September.
Previous fadings occurred in mid-September 2017 and late March 2018.
Complete ASAS-SN Sky Patrol (Shappee et al. 2014ApJ...788...48S and Kochanek et al. 2017PASP..129j4502K) light curve:

Recent AAVSO observations:

Clear skies,

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I just added the latest obs

I just added the latest obs as of this morning. It looks like the observing time (at least from the iTelescope SSO faciltity in Australia) is about another 3 weeks. So I'll image as long as I can. This object has decreased 1 mag V and 0.866 mag B between 9/11/2018 and 9/30/2018.

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Update on V1280 Sco (N Sco 2007)

Dr. Fred Walter (Stony Brook University) posted an update in the Novae forum on the extremely interesting nova V1280 Sco (N Sco 2007). Here is the link to his post:

The original campaign (organized at his request) on this nova took place in 2018 (AAVSO Alert Notice 634).

Dr. Walter expresses his thanks to all observers who have contributed data, and asks for the observations please to continue!

Good observing,


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Continue observations?


I have observed V1280 Sco for the past nearly 3 months every clear night. Observing season is ending and the star is at airmass 2.6 already. Should I continue observations as long as it is feasible or stop. Should observations be restarted as soon as the star is visible in the morning sky again at high airmass? I did so for V1047 Cen another interesting star (Fred Walter is also in the distribution list ).


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