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V677 And Outburst

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Lew Cook
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V677 And Outburst

Although it has no AUID number, probably because of its faintness, I noticed V677 And was visible in stacked images taken with an iTelescope machine (iT21). Because it is in the field of V455 And, which I have been observing, I have measured it on my images of V455 And.

Little is known about this star. There was a discovery of it announced in ATel #1741, and mention of it in 3 other ATels. Using the Mt. Palomar telescope, Quimby et al (ATel 1750) found

"The spectra (340-1000 nm) reveal numerous emission lines at zero redshift including H-Balmer, HeI, HeII, and CaII H&K features. These features are typical of Galactic dwarf novae."

So far, I have found (using ANOVA in PERANSO) a periodic signal of 0.068 days. A 2 phase light curve is attached. There is a very large amount of scatter, due to the faintness of the star and possible flickering.

The data was colllected using 40 to 60 second integration times on my prime focus f/4.3 29 inch reflector in suburban Concord, CA on 3 nights. Observations occurred on JD 2457283, 7284 and 7286. If you have access to a 20 inch or larger telescope, this object is worth study (especially if you can get V455 And in the same field).


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V677 And Outbursts

Hi Lew,

when checking my CCD images (Bradford Robotic Telescope Tenerife) from the region around V455 And I could identify V677 And on four images brighter than magnitude 19.





Best Regards



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