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V841 Oph unusually faint

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V841 Oph unusually faint

 Paul Camilleri (CMQ) mentioned to me he was unable to visually estimate it due to its unusual faintness, and I estimated it at v=14.9 last night. This is odd because in its entire history the LCG never shows it fainter than 14.2. Maybe its due to gaps in coverage, but it does seem strange it was never observed this faint before in the past 30 years or so!

Mike LMK

V841 Oph fainter than normal

To add to Mike's post:

Observation during moonlight on Aug 17.45ut, I could not see V841 Oph,

fainter than 13.9v.  In a dark sky good seeing after full moon on Aug 24.45ut, I could observe

V841 Oph at 14.8v. As Mike said in AAVSO data it has not been observed fainter than 14.2v

am wondering why it's fainter? maybe gaps in observations as Mike suggested?

Any ideas?



Paul Camilleri(CMQ)

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V841 Oph unusually faint

I am probably not going to find time to follow up on this target in the next few days or maybe even few weeks with the weather we've had around here lately. But these observations seem very interesting and I was just wondering if anyone had this object on their target list.

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