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V854 Cen (Alert Notice 456 & Special Notice 282)

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Matthew Templeton
V854 Cen (Alert Notice 456 & Special Notice 282)

Hello everyone,

Headquarters received the following note from Bram Ochsendorf, the PI for our V854 Cen campaign announced back in April.  It looks like the campaign has paid off well:

Just to say that during the decline of V854 until now we managed to get 4 spectra: 2 in the 'declining' phase, 1 in minimum, and 1 in the 'rising' phase. This was all triggered thanks to the observations of the people from the AAVSO.

He went on to say he would keep us up to date as to progress on spectroscopic analysis. The star remins an interesting target for long-term monitoring, and we encourage southern observers to continue following it regularly as part of your normal observing program.

Many thanks from AAVSO to all of the observers who participated in this campaign!

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