Variable star posters and talks

AAVSO staff members frequently give talks and present posters on the AAVSO, its activities and its mission.  The list of presentations below is a partial compilation of talks and papers given by AAVSO staff over the past several years.

The work of many lives: four centuries of light curves (and counting) (1.9MB PDF), M. Templeton, Stars: Old, Young, and Variable, Iowa State University, May 2014

Noise Characteristics of Long-Term Visual Light Curves (6.2MB PDF), M. Templeton & M. Karovska, 221st AAS Meeting, January 2013

MOST Observations of the Trapezium Region (21.7MB JPG), A. Henden, M. Templeton, W. Herbst, J. Guzik, 219th AAS Meeting, January 2012

Low-Frequency Temporal Variability in Mira and Semiregular Variables (20MB JPG), M. Templeton, M. Karovska, E. Waagen, 219th AAS Meeting, January 2012

Professional Astronomers in Service to the AAVSO (5.6MB PDF), M. Saladyga, E. O. Waagen; Poster presentation, 218th AAS Meeting, May 2011

Amateur Observing Patterns and Their Potential Impact on Variable Star Science (1.5MB PDF), M. Templeton; Poster presentation, 218th AAS Meeting, May 2011

High Speed U, V Photometry of epsilon Aurigae's 2009-2011 Eclipse (30MB PDF) A. Price, G. Billings, B. Gary, B. Kloppenborg, A. Henden; AAS Meeting, May 2011

The American Association of Variable Star Observers: Serving the Research Community in 2010 and Beyond (1MB PDF file), M. Templeton, A. Henden, S. Beck, K. Davis, R. Kinne, G. Menali, A. Price, V. Renehan, M. Saladyga, M. Simonsen, R. Turner, E. Waagen, and C. Watson; AAS Meeting, May 2010

Long-term, multicolor photometry of Type II Cepheids and other variables (5MB PDF file), M.R. Templeton and A.A. Henden; IAU Stellar Pulsation Conference, June 2009

Long-Term Variability in o Ceti: Signs of Supergranular Convection? (8MB PDF file), M. Templeton (AAVSO) and M. Karovska (Harvard-Smithsonian CfA); IAU Stellar Pulsation Conference, June 2009

The 2006-2007 Observing Campaign on VX Hydrae (8 MB PDF file), M. Templeton, G. Samolyk, S. Dvorak, R. Poklar, N. Butterworth, H.S. Gerner (AAVSO); AAS Meeting, January 2009

Polarimetry and the Long Awaited Superoutburst of BZ UMa (4 MB PDF file), A. Price (AAVSO) & J. Masiero (University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy); AAS Meeting, June 2008

Citizen Science and the International Year of Astronomy (2 MB PDF file), A. Price (AAVSO), C. DePree (Agnes Scott College), L. Fortson (Adler Planetarium), M. Hartman (MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research), S. Jacoby (Large Synoptic Survey Telescope), R. Stencel (University of Denver) and the International Year of Astronomy Working Group for Research Experiences for Students, Teachers and Citizen Science (USA Node).; AAS Meeting, June 2008

Bright Variability Study Near NGC 6811 (7.4 MB pdf file), A. Henden (AAVSO), A. Price (AAVSO), S. Howell (WIYN/NOAO); AAS Meeting, January 2007

The Precision of Visual Estimates of Variable Stars (3.6 MB pdf file), A. Price (AAVSO), G. Foster (AAVSO), B. Skiff (Lowell Observatory); AAS Meeting, January 2007

An Integrated Approach to Outreach with New Media Technologies (pdf file), Aaron Price (AAVSO, Tufts University), ASP Annual Meeting, 2006

"Iron Star" AS 325: An Unusual Emission Line Eclipsing Binary (ppt file), Jill Gerke (NOAO, University of Arizona), Steve B. Howell (WIYN, NOAO), Sebastian Otero (CEA), Arne Henden (AAVSO), AAS Meeting, June 2006

Photometric Surveys and Variable Stars (ppt file), Matthew Templeton, AAVSO, Presented at the USNO Flagstaff Station, February 24, 2006

Preliminary Results from the AAVSO Infrared Photometry Group (3.3 MB, pdf) - by M.R. Templeton, J.D. West (AAVSO), D. Terrell (SWRI), W.D. Hodgson, M.D. Koppelman, K.D. Luedeke, J.E. Wood, and A.A. Henden (AAVSO); January 2006 AAS Meeting

The VOEvent Alert Messaging System (6MB, pdf) - by Aaron Price (AAVSO), S. L. Allen (UCO/Lick Observatory), A. Fhima, J. Garcia (Gemini Observatory), A. Mahabel (Caltech), R. Seaman (NOAO), R. Williams (Caltech), P. B. Warner (NOAO); January 2006 AAS Meeting

Slacker Astronomy Outreach Results (11MB, pdf) - by Aaron Price (AAVSO), Pamela Gay (Harvard University Science Center), Travis Searle (AAVSO), and Gina Brissenden (CAPER Team - University of Arizona); January 2006 AAS Meeting

BZ UMa and Var Her 04: Orphan TOADS (6.42 MB pdf) - by Aaron Price (AAVSO) and S. Howell (NOAO); May 2005 AAS Meeting

Out-of Eclipse UBV Variations of epsilon Aurigae [FOIap+?] ( - by J. Hopkins (Hopkins Phoenix Observatory), R.E. Stencil (University of Denver Astronomy); January 2005 AAS Meeting

Short-Term Changes in the Eclipse Timings and Light-Curve Shapes of W UMa Binaries (309KB, pdf) - by Russell Genet (Orion Observatory) and Thomas Smith (Dark Ridge Observatory) with Dirk Terrell (Southwest Research Institute); January 2005 AAS Meeting

Mira Stars with Double Maxima: Humps, Bumps, and Resonances (923 KB, pdf) - by Matthew Templeton (AAVSO) and Lee Anne Willson (Iowa State University); January 2005 AAS Meeting

Outburst Energies and Precursors to Outbursts for SS Cyg from AAVSO (93 KB, pdf) - by Robert. L. Hill (Ball State University) and E.O. Waagen (AAVSO); January 2005 AAS Meeting

Secular Evolution in Miras (5 MB, pdf) Matthew R. Templeton and Janet A. Mattei, AAVSO

Grassroots and New Media Outreach: A Match Made In Heaven (2 MB, pdf)Aaron Price and Janet A. Mattei, AAVSO

9.5 Million Variable Star Observations Coming to You by 2005! (8 MB, pdf) Elizabeth O. Waagen and Janet A. Mattei, AAVSO