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VPHOT refuses to recognize iT27 image as iT27

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Lew Cook
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VPHOT refuses to recognize iT27 image as iT27

For some reason unknown to me, T27 images are uploaded to VPHOT without the WCS imprimatur. I thought I could get around this by going thru and uploading ONE image of my series of images after subsequently downloading the plate solved version of it. Thereafter, I would have VPHOT update all the rest of the images for WCS.

But, uploading from my list of scopes, iT27 was not recognized as iTelescope T27, so the process failed. You can't change the FITS headers in VPHOT, can you? If so, please tell me how.

Confused and befuddled,


David Benn
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iT27 FITS header

Hi Lew

Can you attach a FITS header for one of the images where WCS is not green?

You can change certain FITS header keywords at upload time with VPhot but not plate solving or calibration status as far as I am aware.

Did the processing status say something particular about what had failed, e.g. PinPoint?


Lew Cook
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Attached fits header

Here it is! Thanks for your help! No info about failures.


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Lew, Please check your images


Please check your images and see if things are better now.


Lew Cook
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VPHOT and T27

Thanks David and Glen! The images for 11/11 show up as solved. I noted that the images for 11/10 were not plate solved, so I checked all of them plus one from 11/11 and clicked "Update WCS".

Thanks again for your help.


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