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VPHOT Update WCS tool does not work on iT27 images

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Lew Cook
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VPHOT Update WCS tool does not work on iT27 images

I was helped by two members (at least) on a similar problem last week. The problem today is different. Two days ago, I used the update WCS tool by checking one plate solved image (I know it was solved because I successifully ran it thru VPHOT photometry) and also clicked all the images that were not solved. Then I clicked "Update WCS".

I got little green squares for ALL the images in the WCS column. So I clicked on one image with a green square in the WCS column. I then clicked Catalogues, Load AAVSO Comp Stars:

"This function only works with plate solved images. Images that are not plate solved have a red square in the WCS column on the image list page."

A header for a failure is attached, as is the header for a successful image. It is plain to see why one is good and the other is bad, but why can't VPHOT tell the difference? Why were they not solved? What can I do (other than to process the images myself in some software other than VPHOT) to prevent this from happening? VPHOT is really super when it works! (And mind numbing when it doesn't).


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