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Vphot upload hanging

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Vphot upload hanging

I've been trying to upload images to Vphot this morning and the upload just stops after a few images and never resumes.  Hitting the cancel button has no result at that point.  In order to get going again requires going all the way out and logging into Vphot again.

After repeated attempts, cache flushing, etc. it's still doing it.


VPHOT is having a tough time periodically

Problems i see are

Upload speeds change from 4Kb/s to 1.5Mb/sec over a couple minutes. Then slow again.

Very slow to do any function. For example, tough time displaying images, producing files, etc. 


Michael Joner
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I agree with those

I agree with those observations. I was hitting slow spots and pauses yesterday afternoon and thought it was some problem on my end with the internet connection. Today, I have tried to use VPHOT for a little while and it is stopping for several minutes to do a simple task like load an image or save a file. Then it will take off again for a little while before pausing again. Does something need to be reset to clear a process?


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Resource full?

I would bet some resource or database is full. Will ask George to take a look.


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VPhot performance issues; and analysis logs

As for performance today, 9/1/17, it has been a busy day for VPhot and the queue is still over 200. But the incoming files have been plate solved and are processing through with a cycle time of about 10s; pretty good performance. The bigger aggravation is the breakdowns on the ftp process.

I'm starting the process of reviewing and tweaking VPhot performance. The system is due a major upgrade to a more modern server and that may solve the problems that we are experiencing. But that upgrade is on a six month schedule.

In the interim I'm looking at what can be done with the current server. One thing for sure: analysis log files are going to be an issue. Image files are removed from the system after 4 months. But many of you have got comfortable with leaving the analysis log files on the system forever. Be aware: part of the tuning will dump off analysis log files older than 4 months.

Right now there is no way to preserve the analysis logs other than printing them out. If there is interest in downloading the data, and a programmer volunteer who can help with that kind of project, I'd be glad for the discussion and help.

So, get your analysis logs saved and I'll see what can be done to improve performance.



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Analysis Logs

Dumping the analysis logs after 4 months is totally unacceptable, considering that we have not way to download them or save them  Priniting them in this day and age--no not really.  I have a long term project and these logs are very important.

Lets find another solution.  Perhaps most do not care, but for me its a must.  I would be happy to download them to my hard drive.



Having problems again today.

Having problems again today.  Somthing needs a restart or whatever has been done in the past to get things de-wedged.

Personally, I have no problem with dropping the analysis logs.  I didn't realize they took significant space so I will work at purging mine.  If I need them I can always re-create from the archived data.

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Upload failed!

Getting that problem right now..tried everything and I don't believe it's a problem on my end.



Time to give it a kick again

Time to give it a kick again - upload problem is back.

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Looking at it!

Hi Geoff:

I have talked to George. At first glance the system continues to run. However, you and Pablo have had upload problems again and I had out of memory exceptions in the image list yesterday.

However, normal image numbers were uploaded yesterday according to our daily report. So, the exact cause still eludes us. George looked at the system last week when you sent your previous email but did not actually "restart" anything. The obvious question is why does it have problems on some occasions but not others. This intermittent stuff is disconcerting!

We will look some more. We know one issue related to number of analysis logs but have to handle that carefully because of the need of some users to preserve them.

I will keep all informed of our efforts.


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It finally worked last night

Ken, I finally made it work after several tries, it was slow but it didn't hang in the end and I was able to upload several hundred observations.

I Have several hundred observations to upload later on and I will report IF anything goes wrong.

Thank you!


Failing again

Vphot was happily uploading images within the last hour and suddenly stopped.  Now it refuses to upload anything at all (which is slightly different as when its acting up it will still typically accept a couple files before failing)

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