Sutter Creek Observatory

Latitude and longitude: 38°22'47"N 120°46'31"W (+38.3796, -120.7751)
Elevation: 529m
Site manager: Bill Goff
Internet access: DSL
Weather statistics: anitcorrelated with southwest monsoon
Typical good seasons:spring/summer/fall

Phillip Coker 30 cm telescope (COKER30)


Type:  Meade LX-200GPS (ACF)

Aperture: 30cm
Focal length:3000cm
F-ratio: f/10
Focuser: TCF-S

Pointing accuracy :  1arcmin
Computer:Wndows 7/Professional PC
Software: MaximDL, ACP, ACP Scheduler
Telecope Advocate: Bill Goff

Typical seeing: 3arcsec
Best seeing:<2 arcsec
Vignetting: 10%
Scattered light:  none
Image defects: none

Type: STL-1001E
Filter wheel: STL 8 position
Filters: B,V,Rc,Ic,g,r,i,z
Exposure ratios/filter: 
Pixel count: 1024x1024
Pixel scale: 1.65
Field of view: 28x28arcmin
Readnoise:  15e-
Full well: 300Ke-
Cosmetic defects:
Dark current: 9e-/pix/sec at 0C
Read time: 10sec
Shortest exposure: 0.2sec
Compressed image size: 900KB

Typical use of system   nightly monitoring of dozens of targets