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Welcome to AAVSOnet!

AAVSOnet is a network of remote, robotically controlled, and automatically queued telescopes for the use of its members.


AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry Database

The AAVSOnet Epoch Photometry Database comprises robotically-processed photometry obtained from all images taken with AAVSOnet telescopes.  The major component of this database are observations from the Bright Star Monitor network, as these telescopes have taken the majority of images.  There are smaller datasets from telescopes that were only operational during the early days of AAVSOnet, covering fewer targets but going much deeper and often with high cadence (time series).  For all current telescopes, the intent is to provide public access to older dat

Silicon and Glass

Everyone’s familiar with the term ‘bricks and mortar’. Many donors prefer to give to specific projects or programs that result in well-defined, tangible goods, such as the new wing of a building, a playground, or furniture and athletic equipment for a recreation center.

BSM - Berry's Enclosure

Here are some photos taken by Gary Walker showing the setup of BSM-Berry on the roof of AAVSO HQ. (click on each photo for a larger version)

These are his comments:

BSM - Berry

Bright Star Monitor - Berry (BSM Berry)











(The text below was adapted from an article in the AAVSO Inner Sanctums newsletter, January 2011)


Bright Star Monitor - New Mexico (BSM NM)









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