109th Annual Meeting Schedule

109th Annual Meeting Schedule

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 Friday, November 13, 16:00–19:20 UT   

16:00–16:30 UT: Keynote: Dr. Paula Szkody presents "GW Lib and V386 Ser: CVs containing Accreting, Pulsating White Dwarfs"

16:30–18:00 UT: Presentations

     16:30–16:45 UT: "Measuring the masses of white dwarfs with x-rays: a NuSTAR Legacy survey"—
                                 Aarran Shaw

     16:45–17:00 UT: "The Quick and the Deadtime"—Gregory Sivakoff

     17:00–17:10 UT: Special presentation by Dr. Qiu on CMOS and CCD cameras

     17:15–17:30 UT: "Researching Eclipsing Binaries 'Down Under': Illustrating the Methods and Results
                                 of Variable Stars South"—Tom Richards

     17:30–17:45 UT: "Discoveries of Variable Stars by Amateur Astronomers Using Data Mining: On the
                                 Example of Eclipsing Binary Romanov V20"—Filipp Romanov

     17:45–18:00 UT: "Characterizing the O'Connell Effect in Kepler Eclipsing Binaries"—Matthew Knote

18:00–18:20 UT: Break

18:20–19:20 UT: Six simulanteous Observing Section break-out sessions:

                           Young Stellar Objects                 Instrumentation & Equipment

                           Short Period Pulsators                Spectroscopy

                           Solar                                            Exoplanets


 Saturday, November 14, 16:00–20:40 UT 

16:00–18:00 UT: AAVSO's Membership meeting - Gordon Myers, Bob Stephens, Nancy Morrison and Stella Kafka

18:00–18:20 UT: Break

18:20–19:20 UT: Presentations

     18:20–18:35 UT: "Building a Connection through Community-based Astronomy"—Todd Duncan and Erika Dunning

     18:35–18:50 UT: "Automating a Small Urban College Observatory"—Donald Smith and Deshawn

     18:50–19:00 UT: Special appearance by Vincent Suc and Andres Jordan on Telescope Hosting

     19:05–19:20 UT: "Using Bespoke 18 inch Newtonian and R=3000 Spectrometer for High Precision
—John Menke

19:20–19:40 UT: Break

19:40-20:40 UT: (OPEN TO ALL--both meeting and non-meeting attendees): How-to Hour with Ken
                 Menzies, Greg Sivakoff, and 
Edward Wiley

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*in past meetings, this was known as the "Membership Meeting." This year, we will be discussing AAVSO's progress over the year and our new strategic plan. Everyone--whether a member, attending the annual meeting, or neither--are welcome to join us for this discussion!


 Sunday, November 15, 16:00–19:20 UT 

16:00–16:30 UT: Keynote: Eric Mamajek

16:30–18:00 UT: Presentations 

     16:30–16:45 UT: "Disk Instabilities Caused the 2018 Outburst of AG Draconis"—Helena Richie

     16:45–17:00 UT: "Simultaneous photometry on VSX variables and TESS exoplanet candidates"
                                 Madelyn Madsen

     17:00–17:10  UT: Special video by AAVSO Ambassadors

     17:15–17:30 UT: "Search for Variability in 30 Bright Metallic-line Stars Observed by the TESS
—Joyce A. Guzik

     17:30–17:45 UT: "New Observations of the SX Phe star XX Cygni"—Richard Berry, Nolan
                                 Sottoway, and Sol McCain

     17:45-18:00 UT: "Types of Period Changes of W Virginis Stars"—Pradip Karmakar, Horace A.
                                Smith, and Wayne Osborn

18:00–18:20 UT: Break

18:20–19:20 UT: Six simulanteous Observing Section break-out sessions:

                             Eclipsing Binaries                           Bright Star Monitor

                             Photoelectric Photometry               Cataclysmic Variables

                             Long Period Variables                    High Energy Network


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