AAVSO 2024 Annual Fundraising Campaign

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To members of our AAVSO community and fellow astronomy enthusiasts,

Your generosity is the force that has allowed AAVSO to advance astronomy. Our members’ observations helped solve the mystery of Cepheid variables in the 1920s, and today our observers can assist researchers using HST and JWST! But it’s only with your on-going assistance that we can continue to make real contributions to astronomy.

For the Fiscal Year 2024, we have set an ambitious goal for AAVSO’s annual campaign: We need to raise at least $110,000 by January 31st. Your donation today will help us reach five key strategic goals:

  1. Implement the AAVSO's Data Quality Task Force recommendations.
  2. Establish AAVSO’s position in modern astronomy.
  3. Strengthen our connections with the research community.
  4. Reduce barriers to participation in variable star research.
  5. Enhance AAVSO’s technical infrastructure.

At the AAVSO Annual Meeting on November 5, we described and emphasized the importance of these goals. (If you were unable to attend, a recording is available on our YouTube channel.) Because modern astronomy changes so rapidly, we’re working to build new programs that fit today’s research needs. We are actively seeking deeper connections with working astronomers, seeking ways to make it easier for you to contribute data, revising software to improve how we receive and dispense variable star data, and very importantly, improving the quality of the data that AAVSO collects.

Your financial contribution to the Annual Campaign plays a crucial role in achieving these objectives. The AAVSO is among the most effective citizen-science organizations in the world because our paid staff ensures that your observations and your work go to work helping the astronomical community and contributing to astronomical knowledge. Your support makes this happen. Every dollar makes a difference. 

We’re launching our annual campaign today with this letter. Please accept our gratitude for your ongoing support of AAVSO. Whether by contributing variable star observations, giving your time as a volunteer, or donating financially, your contribution directly supports AAVSO’s work. Please do not hesitate—now is the time to make your contribution to astronomy.

To donate directly or to pledge a donation, go to the AAVSO donation web page and select “Annual Campaign” from the drop-down menu. Or mail your check or pledge letter to AAVSO Headquarters at the address below.

As always, we are grateful for your past support.

Kind regards,




Dr. Brian Kloppenborg
Executive Director, AAVSO
185 Alewife Brook Pkwy Ste 410
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA


    Richard Berry
    President, AAVSO